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Welcome to CatSpace, home of my blog, where I am excited to be sharing posts on new projects and updates to my portfolio as well as my musings on life in general. I hope you will be inspired by the beautiful spaces and inspiring people!


Back in Black

“When I fell in love with black, it contained all colors. It wasn’t a negation of color. It was an acceptance. Because black encompasses all colors. Black is the most aristocratic color of all. … You can be quiet and it contains the whole thing.”– Louise Nevelson read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Feb 21, 2024

A Clean Slate

We sold our house! Let’s face it, buying and selling a home is a stressful, exhausting experience, but crossing the finish line feels exhilarating. Now that Jeremy and I are preparing for our move, a flood of memories is rushing back to me, becoming even more vivid after I recently photographed our home for Walter magazine. I have photographed countless homes for the art and culture magazine for years, bringing readers into the impeccably designed spaces of owners who graciously share their style inspirations and the designers who bring those ideas to life. Turning the lens on my own space was truly a full-circle moment for me, in fact, the title of my November feature is “Full-Circle Style”.  read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Dec 23, 2023


I love the energy of fall –moods feel lighter and more hopeful, so I’m relishing this moment. With new seasons come new routines, and as we settle into our new schedules, it’s a good time to take stock, recalibrate, plan, and prepare to celebrate the holiday season before hunkering down for winter. 
By Catherine Nguyen|Oct 03, 2023

Inspiration: Art & Architecture

I’ve itched to travel for as long as I can remember; the inspiration I find in faraway places is incalculable; however, there's no single place that ignites my love for art and architecture. Rather, the collective experience of exploring different places itself sparks my creativity. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Aug 15, 2023

Inspiration: Travel

More than a window to the world, travel is my chance to step through the glass and find new creative inspiration. It’s my antidote to life becoming a routine at home.
By Catherine Nguyen|Jul 13, 2023


A collage is not just a grade school project involving magazine scraps and Elmer’s glue, though that is what most of us tend to think of first. It can be anything that is pieced together to make a whole. A finished photo is a collage, one that is comprised of all the details within that space. However, it’s very easy for the details to get lost in an overall shot. When I zoom in on those details, I find that the pictures tell a different and more intimate story. They enhance the subject’s beauty and bring the space to life. Contact Catherine Nguyen Photography today and let’s discover your collage together! read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Feb 16, 2022


Photography is a wonderful resource for experiencing hindsight, a chance to discover the shapes and shadows that my lens reveals after the fact. And I love the obvious play on words. If only hindsight happened that quickly in all areas of my life.
By Catherine Nguyen|Feb 02, 2022


Our culture is fascinated with the concept of inspiration. As we clamor for the next original, incredible, out-of-the-box idea, we constantly analyze what it means to be inspired. I surround myself with my artistic passions, the food I love, the music that moves me, the magazines and books that enlighten me, antiques that enrich my life, and the art that energizes me. Travel inspires me, too, allowing me to experience beauty in many different corners of the world. Most importantly, I find inspiration in the people who are part of my life as well as those I meet along the way. All these things help enrich my growth as an interior and exterior photographer. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Nov 24, 2021


I am surrounded by patterns. I choose to embrace some and disregard others, and my work as an interior and exterior photographer has taught me to recognize the patterns in my life and learn from them where I can. You can define “patterns” as “chains of behavior.” For example, we often repeat the patterns our parents set forth, only changing them when we come into our own. Want to learn more about the patterns in your life? Contact me for more information on how I can capture the patterns in your interior and exterior spaces.
By Catherine Nguyen|Oct 18, 2021


Photographs capture beautiful scenery, indescribable emotion, and of course memories of all kinds. My interiors work preserves a space in a particular moment in time. It brings the homeowner’s vision to life. My images capture the expression of style in the most important places of your life: your home and your work. For more information on my travels, my inspiration, and my photography, check out the rest of my blogs at CatSpace and explore my website! read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Aug 30, 2021


“I think taking calculated risk is necessary to move forward in life. If you always do the safe thing or take the path that is well worn, you run the risk of spending your life wondering, ‘What If.’” – Cat Nguyen
By Catherine Nguyen|Jul 15, 2021


“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” This quote by Wassily Kandinsky speaks to me on several different levels. As a photographer, it reminds me of how color can affect what I am seeing through the lens. As an Asian American, it reminds me of how color can be a window into someone’s history. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Jun 18, 2021


This attention to detail begins at the very conception of a new client communication. Most see the color of the walls and the style of the furniture first, but my eye is immediately drawn to the lines of the crown molding or the antique glass tray that will perfectly juxtapose the clients new magazine issue. Thus begins the magic that is interior and architectural photography.
By Catherine Nguyen|May 28, 2021


Several months ago, I decided that one of my goals would be to reflect on my own image, the impression that I share with the world. As a photographer, image is everything to me whether it be images I see through a lens or my own personal image. In today’s digital age, it felt natural to begin this journey with my website, the image that tells my story and the stories of my clients. If I wanted people to find me when searching for interior and architectural photographers in Raleigh or San Francisco, I needed to take the leap. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Apr 30, 2021


While I love the start of a new year and the idea of a clean slate, I’m not fond of resolutions. There’s something about attaching the word “resolution” to a concept that dooms it right out of the gate. Goals, however, propel me to move forward, keeping me focused on what I am working towards.
By Catherine Nguyen|Apr 08, 2021

20/20 on 2020

Perspective has been the central theme of my blog this year—maybe that’s inevitable, considering the events of the past 10 months. It’s surreal to think that only a year ago, I was traveling through Japan, soaking in its natural beauty and reveling in the tranquility. Now, of course, the very notion of travelling seems strange and scary. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Dec 17, 2020


My perspective is the result of every decision I’ve ever made and every opportunity I’ve pursued. When I’m on a shoot, I draw upon years of study and work in the medium. I am also pulling from the life before I became a commercial photographer. It wasn’t the career I had envisioned for myself. I spent time in the world of banking and management consulting, project management at a branding agency, and studying programming and economics at Columbia University-all experiences that helped me realize my passion for the creative.
By Catherine Nguyen|Nov 30, 2020

Welcome to CATSpace

South African poet and philosopher Gift Gugu Mona once said, “Never apologize for being alive—find your purpose, and embrace life.” With each incredible experience I stumble upon, I continue to find my purpose. I haven’t done much blogging lately, because I have been indulging in life, cultivating relationships, and creating art. But I also realize that perspective is a gift—one I want to share. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Oct 09, 2020

Portrait Highlights

I have had the pleasure of photographing many portraits over the years. Following is a sample of some of my favorites. Click on the right of the image to scroll through the gallery. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Nov 19, 2019

Heartbreak On The Cutting Room Floor

Decluttering in life is difficult. Decluttering your website is a true feat. I have spent days going over the design of and images on my website. My head is spinning. So many projects and images lay on the cutting room floor. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Sep 02, 2018

Fort@3512 At Home

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the home of fort@3512's owner, Pam Clark. As luck would have it, one of my images from the shoot made the cover of Walter Magazine! I am particularly honored since it is the House and Garden issue. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Oct 05, 2017

Blue Danube And A Little Augury

On a sunny 91-degree day, I head out northwest from Raleigh past Durham to a little town called Roxboro. As I head down an offshoot of the main street, I locate the house I know must be Gaye's: It is a little brick charmer, inviting and unique, much like the owners. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Jun 12, 2015

Light It Up: A Guest Retreat

We recently moved into a brand new house. We got to pick out pretty much everything for the house besides the exterior. Do you have any idea how many kitchen cabinet knobs are out there? To some, this may seem a daunting task. For me, this was like being set loose in a candy store. A really pretty, sparkly one.
By Catherine Nguyen|May 23, 2015

Step On It: Choosing A Rug

A rug: Any designer will tell you that they ground and help to separate living spaces. What they won't tell you is how hard it is to pick one out. There are so many choices. There are so many things to consider: the fabric, texture, colors and patterns in the room. How these pieces that pull a room together when done right, can really set the mood. When done wrong, they can be distracting or just downright annoying. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|May 22, 2015

Making Dreams Come True

Recently, Walter Magazine published a feature in the "Story of a House" section on the Kowalczyk house in Raleigh. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph their house and their family.
By Catherine Nguyen|May 13, 2015

Dream House: Modern Sausalito Retreat On Dot&Bo Today!

I won't lie. I am very excited that my work is appearing on modern home goods site, Dot&Bo today! Our project, designed by client Julie Momchilov Johnson of JMJ Studios, is part of the Dream House collection (filed under their Design District Blog Tab). More excitingly, it is the first featured banner on their site's home page today. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|May 09, 2015

The Perfect Modern Luxe Cocktail Table: Our Top 10

Recently, my husband and I had the pleasure of designing our own newly built home. We couldn't be happier with our place. The dig: it's about the size of both of our last apartments combined.
By Catherine Nguyen|May 06, 2015

Inside VanCollier

On an early grey day in March, I joined Art Director Jesma Reynolds and Editorial Director Liza Roberts on a jaunt to the small town of Washington, NC, for Walter Magazine's May "Story of a House" feature. Our destination: a former hospital, now the home and design studios of the VanCollier design team, Beth and Chris Collier. read more
By Catherine Nguyen|Apr 30, 2015


We are happy on this beautiful Spring day to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. The best new feature is integration of a blog for our company. This is where we will feature posts on new photography projects, updates to our portfolio, and share the inspiration we find in the worlds of design and fashion around us.
By Catherine Nguyen|Apr 13, 2015
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