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South African poet and philosopher Gift Gugu Mona once said, “Never apologize for being alive—find your purpose, and embrace life.” 

With each incredible experience I stumble upon, I continue to find my purpose. I haven’t done much blogging lately, because I have been indulging in life, cultivating relationships, and creating art. But I also realize that perspective is a gift—one I want to share. As a photographer who specializes in commercial and editorial work in both architecture and interior design, my job is to capture something others may miss and reveal it through my unique perspective. Photography is about beauty in all its forms, and those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram know that I’m obsessed with beautiful design. Whether I find that beauty in nature, art, or architecture, I am always inspired by simplicity and authenticity. 

Since my last post, I have discovered so many paths, lightly dancing on some while trailblazing others. Some of these recent encounters include:

Over the past month, I have been inspired by gorgeous architecture and design while shooting custom homes by Speight Built Custom Homes.  Not only do I love being a part of the Triangle Parade of Homes (one of our images for Speight Built made the cover of the Parade Magazine insert in Walter Magazine!), but I cannot imagine a better way to welcome the beginning of autumn than immersing myself in interior design photography here in Raleigh. 

As we head into this next season, I am beyond grateful for a new beginning and an opportunity to focus on life through a different lens—pun absolutely intended.  Most importantly, I am learning—without apologies—to shape my life the way I want it to be. I cannot wait to share more experiences and more perspectives with you along the way.

Welcome to CatSpace.

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